Most Interesting Places in Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country with a rich history and loads of interesting places to visit. The country is split over three separate islands and has everything from vast jungle to built up cities, luscious beaches and tourist destinations. There are tons of interesting places in Malaysia both for the local and for travelers, and this is a run through of some of the best (it is of course a work in progress and I will update more as time goes on and I undoubtedly discover more places).

Taman Negara

Taman Negara means National Park in Malay, and as you might expect from such a tropical country this national park is set in one of the oldest jungles known to man. As well as being a haven for tourists to go and explore this place is renowned for its absolutely unbelievable wildlife and you can see some truly amazing creatures whilst walking around. Although the likelihood is that you will mainly see snakes, tapirs, monitor lizards and monkeys, the park also hosts some of the most protected animals in the world such as Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers and even Leopards.

Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary

Another natural beauty, this is a place where young Orangutans who have been hunted, injured or otherwise hard-done-to are taken in, looked after and taught to live and fend for themselves again before being released back out into beautiful Malaysia. A truly amazing experience to see these fascinating creatures.

Petronas Twin Towers

The twin towers are possibly the most iconic place in Malaysia, certainly the most used images around the world. Situated in the nation’s capital Kuala Lumpur, these giant skyscrapers beautifully illuminate the vibrant city and are available to visit too. The buildings are the highest twin buildings in the world but were surpassed as the tallest building in the world a decade ago.

Petaling Street

There are few better places in the world to situate a “china town” and this is Malaysia’s very own. Chinatown in Malaysia is an authentic experience with bars, restaurants, shops and hawkers stalls run by the Chinese Malay population that makes up a lot of the country. Amazing food, beautiful buildings and an authentic Asian experience as well as some ridiculously cheap products and souvenirs to buy and take home with you. Petaling Street is one of the most famous places in Kuala Lumpur to visit.

Sunway Lagoon

A bit different to the rest of my list in that it veers away from natural beauty and cultural sophistication but Sunway Lagoon is an interesting part of Malaysia in its own right. The biggest theme park in the country, it has won worldwide recognition and a ton of awards, and is known for hosting the worlds longest pedestrian suspension bridge along with activities such as a water park, rides and flumes, the world’s biggest man made beach, an interactive zoo, go carting and much much more. A great place for families and tourists to check out and at a very reasonable price.

Instana Budaya

This means “National Theater” and my goodness is this an impressive building. The national theater of Malaysia has facilities on a par with anywhere else in the world and is an absolutely beautiful structure made out of Langkawi Marble among other materials with an amazing water feature outside too. In looks it is sort of like a triangular sydney opera house. Well worth a visit with shows including festivals and cultural events.


This list would just not be complete without mentioning beautiful Langkawi, one of the most interesting parts of Malaysia and probably the most popular tourist destination, Langkawi is an Island in line with the Thai border with an unbelievable set of beaches, tourist life and places for backpackers and hikers. Impressive views and one of those places that makes you glad to be here on planet earth! The Langkawi sky bridge is one of the most stunning places on the island, hence is the image at the top of the article.

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